Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Native War Paints - Polish Con New York 2018 LEs

Howdy friends! I'm trying to play catch-up and get things posted that should have been up by now. Today I'm sharing the Native War Paints limited edition polishes created for Polish Con Spring 2018 in White Plains, New York, that took place last weekend on June 16th. These polishes are all currently available on the NWP site, with the exception of Though She Be But Little, She is Fierce (sold out) but they won't be there forever so make sure to grab the ones you want while you can!

Native War Paints Polish Con LEs

The Course of True Love Never Did Run Smooth
A dark purple packed with gold shimmer; two coats plus topcoat. 

My Soul Is In The Sky
 a deep indigo with blue to green to gold shifting shimmer and a dash of scattered holo; two coats plus topcoat

Though She Be But Little, She is Fierce (SOLD OUT)
 a deep magenta with cyan to blue to red shifting shimmer; two coats plus topcoat

What Fools These Mortals Be!
An aqua jelly with red to orange to yellow shifting shimmer and packed with holographic; two coats plus topcoat

Final Thoughts:
I really liked all of these, but my top pick has to be What Fools These Mortals Be! I'm surprised that that's not the first color to have sold out! It's so gorgeous. I'm actually still wearing it now, and it still looks perfect, and I've had it on for going on six days. That never happens, but life has been busy so that's how it goes! As I said above, these colors won't be around forever, so don't snooze on them! 

Did you attend PCNY Spring 2018? I'd love to hear about your time!

Find Native War Paints:

Native War Paints - Shimmers With a Twist - June 2018

Forgive me for not posting this polish until the month was more than half over, but I'm throwing my hands up in defeat right now! I have so many polishes I need to post and they're all slightly over due. 

Today I'm sharing Native War Paints' new shimmer of the month for June 2018. They started their monthly shimmers series last year, and continued it into 2018 except this year they've added a special "twist" to each shimmer - holo, flakies, duo/multichrome, nothing is off limits! 

June 2018 is this silvery/nude/shimmery holographic number:

You can grab this pretty baby by clicking here for a direct link to this polish.

I apologize for the rushed nature of this post and hope to be back on track very soon!

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Great Lakes Lacquer - Water Colors Collection Swatches

Press Sample

Great Lakes Lacquer - Water Colors Collection

Woah! Two posts in one day, that's a first for this new blog baby of mine. I wanted to get this up for you guys so that those of you going to Polish Con this weekend can preview these! This is the newest collection from Michigan's very own Great Lakes Lacquer. I'm so excited to be sharing GLL on this new platform! I have been a fan of and swatcher for Mariah since her very first collection and it's been just amazing watching her business improve, grow, and become an icon in the indie polish world over the last three years. 

Glisten and Glow - Summer Livin' Neon Cremes Swatches and Nail Art

Press Sample

Glisten and Glow - Summer Livin' Neon Collection

Oh boy, once again I didn't mean to let so much time pass between posts. Clearly I'm still new to this whole blogging thing! It's a totally different ball game than simply posting to Instagram and sharing to Facebook. I've been wanting my blog posts to go live before sharing on other social media platforms, which means getting the photos from my phone to my computer, and uploaded for sharing to blogger - and I'm not at my computer as often as I need to be. Because I like my couch, haha!

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Honeybee Nail Art

Hello there, happy Tuesday! I did not mean to let nearly a week go by before posting again, but I suppose that's life. Today I have a fun honeybee inspired nail art look to share with you guys. It's funny, I see honeybee nail art all the time and I haven't really done any myself - and I AM honeybee nails! Haha. I figured it was about time, and the stamping plate that I used was borrowed from the owner of the salon I used to work at and needed to be returned. So that was my main motivation for finally using this image! Anywho... on with the show!

Side note: the adorable handmade bee was created for me by my sweet friend Jamy, aka @jamylyn_nails on Instagram. You can find her shop full of all kinds of awesome and adorable things by clicking HERE!

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Summer Bright nail art featuring Girly Bits Cosmetics

Hi friends! Thanks for coming back to hang out with me. Yesterday was an exciting and nerve wracking day, if you are predisposed to anxiety such as myself. You see, yesterday was the day that seven 15 second videos that I created were shared quite publicly on Color Clutch's Instagram stories. It's weird how nervous I was all day, thinking about people looking at my face while I was talking. Recording those videos took me the better part of a day, and when you add them all up it was actually only one and three quarters minutes of content. Thankfully IG stories are temporary, so they'll start dropping off in the next couple of hours, haha. I'm extremely grateful to Color Clutch for providing me a larger platform to share my love of nail polish and nail art - it was a pretty cool opportunity! You can check out my interview on their blog if you missed the stories takeover, just click here!

If you tuned in, you probably saw me talking about my favorite colors for the season. While it is technically still spring, it has felt like the dead of summer around these parts for the past few days - I'm talking well into the 90° range. And with Michigan's high humidity, it's been darn near unbearable for someone like me... who prefers the winter months when I can dress comfortably in multiple layers, haha. (Gee, I really am taking advantage of this blogging platform by spewing out all these words, huh?! I guess I was kind of hungry for it.)

Annnnyway! The colors that I mentioned in my #TuesdayTakeover on the Color Clutch IG were both from Girly Bits Cosmetics: a neon orange creme called Hoop! There it is (I will come back and add a link to the polish once the GB site reopens), and a bright turquoise called Here's Lagoon Atcha, which was a color of the month shade from June 2016 (no longer available).

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Native War Paints Limited Edition Polishes for Indie Expo Canada

Press Sample

The second annual Indie Expo Canada is coming up June 9th and 10th, and with any fun polish event come the limited edition polishes that are exclusive to the event. Today I have three limited edition polishes from Native War Paints to share with you guys.

Before I get into the swatches I thought I'd provide a bit of background information on Indie Expo Canada (IEC)- the who/what/when/where/why of it all in case anyone is unfamiliar. IEC was created by the genius behind Girly Bits Cosmetics, Pam Heil. She wanted to bring the excitement of Polish Con to Canada (Toronto is its current home) - with a bit of a different vision. IEC is a two day event that takes place on Saturday and Sunday. I was lucky enough to be able to attend the inaugural event last year, and it was such a great time! The Saturday events are more workshop oriented for bloggers and brands to help them grow their social media following, take better photos, etc.. There is also a super fun nail polish making workshop in which participants get to work closely with indie polish makers to create their own custom nail polishes. It was definitely one of the major highlights for me from last year. Sunday is more of the "main event" day - where all of the vendors set up their booths and sell their goods. There is also an awesome silent auction where all of the proceeds are donated to charity, as well as tutorial tables to help learn all those fun nail art techniques. Last year I hosted the water marble tutorials and it was an absolute blast! I'm sad that I'm missing this year's event, but at least I get to pretend and participate in a small way by showing you guys these LE polishes from NWP! Okay, on to the swatches!!