Monday, 21 May 2018

Native War Paints + Bluebird Lacquer Star Wars Quad

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Today I have a super fun collaboration set to share with you guys. If you've been following Native War Paints and/or Bluebird Lacquer, you already know that they love putting out these Star Wars themed collabs around the release of a new film. Well with the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story coming up this week, comes a new 4 piece collaboration - and this time we even get themed wax tarts from Bluebird Lacquer (both of which smell absolutely AMAZING!!! by the way).

These will be sold as duos - there is a Light Side and a Dark side set, and I'll lay out all the details here...

Dark Side Duo: $17.50

The Dark Side Duo includes Native War Paints - Carbonite, nite and Bluebird Lacquer Scarlacctose Intolerant, as well as a Death Starfruit wax melt. On with the photos...!

Native War Paints - Carbonite, nite

A grey crelly with red, orange, and yellow shifting shimmer; two coats plus glossy topcoat.

Bluebird Lacquer - Scarlacctose Intolerant

A teal jelly with UP-like shimmer and green/gold/red/orange shifting flakies; two coats plus glossy topcoat.

Death Starfruit Wax Melt

A ripe and fruity scent with a hint of spice. Seriously juicy, I love this scent!

Light Side Duo: $17.50

The Light Side Duo includes Native War Paints - I Love You... and Bluebird Lacquer ...I know, as well as a Wookie Cookies scented wax melt.

Native War Paints - I Love You...

A raspberry jelly with green-gold shifting shimmer, scattered holographic, and UCC flakies; two coats plus glossy topcoat.

Bluebird Lacquer - ...I Know

A cobalt blue with green-aquamarine microflakies, purple-aqua UCC flakies, and a light blue shimmer; two coats plus glossy topcoat.

Wookie Cookies Wax Melt

Fresh baked sugar cookies. WARNING: May cause severe cookie cravings!

All the deets:

Native War Paints + Bluebird Lacquer Star Wars Quad
Available Friday, 5/25
$17.50 per duo

Find Native War Paints:

Find Bluebird Lacquer:

Final thoughts:

I thoroughly enjoyed all four of the polishes AND both of the wax melts. I am still relatively new to the wax world (which you'd never know by the two large bins of wax in my hall closet that are stuffed to the brim, lol) - but I must say that these were some of the most fragrant tarts I've encountered. I especially loved Death Starfruit, which I'm actually melting right now and **deeeeep breath** really enjoying, haha. It reminds me of Hawaiian Punch, with a kick. Haha, punch with a kick, oh boy. It's probably about time for me to wrap this up, eh? 
If I had to choose between the Dark Side and Light Side duos, I would have to go with the Dark Side just because of that wax. But...really, I'd pick them both because who can choose favorites anyway?

Thanks for reading!


  1. These are all beautiful polishes but they're a little too dark for my current polish mood. I do get a kick out of the name Scarlacctose Intolerant though!

    1. I can totally appreciate your feelings about the dark polishes! I'm willing to bet they'll lay dormant in my Helmers until fall rolls around. They are pretty though! And yeah, I love the clever names. Almost worth it just for the yummy smelling waxes, too, haha.