Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Summer Bright nail art featuring Girly Bits Cosmetics

Hi friends! Thanks for coming back to hang out with me. Yesterday was an exciting and nerve wracking day, if you are predisposed to anxiety such as myself. You see, yesterday was the day that seven 15 second videos that I created were shared quite publicly on Color Clutch's Instagram stories. It's weird how nervous I was all day, thinking about people looking at my face while I was talking. Recording those videos took me the better part of a day, and when you add them all up it was actually only one and three quarters minutes of content. Thankfully IG stories are temporary, so they'll start dropping off in the next couple of hours, haha. I'm extremely grateful to Color Clutch for providing me a larger platform to share my love of nail polish and nail art - it was a pretty cool opportunity! You can check out my interview on their blog if you missed the stories takeover, just click here!

If you tuned in, you probably saw me talking about my favorite colors for the season. While it is technically still spring, it has felt like the dead of summer around these parts for the past few days - I'm talking well into the 90° range. And with Michigan's high humidity, it's been darn near unbearable for someone like me... who prefers the winter months when I can dress comfortably in multiple layers, haha. (Gee, I really am taking advantage of this blogging platform by spewing out all these words, huh?! I guess I was kind of hungry for it.)

Annnnyway! The colors that I mentioned in my #TuesdayTakeover on the Color Clutch IG were both from Girly Bits Cosmetics: a neon orange creme called Hoop! There it is (I will come back and add a link to the polish once the GB site reopens), and a bright turquoise called Here's Lagoon Atcha, which was a color of the month shade from June 2016 (no longer available).

I mentioned that I would be doing a mani with these colors soon, and I just happen to be wearing it (still!) right now. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with these colors. Normally I'd go for a smush mani or a gradient, but I didn't think these colors were suited to blend together. Instead I decided to do a dry-brush accent nail, and use the cremes to fill in some reverse stamping. Here's a look at the full mani:

The white base that I used here is Wedding Gown White from Glisten & Glow (get it here) - it's a really nice two coat white creme that doesn't end up looking streaky and uneven so of course I love it! The black that I stamped with is from Rica Polish and is called Blackout (get it here). I've been using this black stamping polish almost exclusively since I started stamping. Show me something better and maybe I'll switch - but I haven't found anything yet! I brought several stamping plates into the mix for this look, too. The chevrons are from Uberchic's Got Chevron? plate (get it here); the flower painted with Hoop! There it is, is from Uberchic plate 6-02 (get it here); and the leaves filled in with Here's Lagoon Atcha are from Born Pretty Store plate BP-L015 (get it here). Everything is sealed in with my most favoritest topcoat of all time - Glisten & Glow, which you can get here. Now is a GREAT time to buy because the topcoat is her Product of the Month and is on sale for just $4.99! I grabbed three bottles and might go back for more before the sale ends on June 6th!

So, what do you think? Do you like the turquoise/orange combination? Personally I love the way the two reverse stamped nails look! You guys might be seeing more nail art with this type of style because I'm kinda diggin' it right now! That's all I've got for today - I'll leave you with one final look at this mani from another angle. Talk to ya soon!

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  1. These are fantastic!!! I love how contrast-y the colors are but they still work so well together!