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Glisten and Glow - Summer Livin' Neon Cremes Swatches and Nail Art

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Glisten and Glow - Summer Livin' Neon Collection

Oh boy, once again I didn't mean to let so much time pass between posts. Clearly I'm still new to this whole blogging thing! It's a totally different ball game than simply posting to Instagram and sharing to Facebook. I've been wanting my blog posts to go live before sharing on other social media platforms, which means getting the photos from my phone to my computer, and uploaded for sharing to blogger - and I'm not at my computer as often as I need to be. Because I like my couch, haha!

I am super excited to share this collection with you guys! As a blogger/swatcher there are some brands that you only daydream about working with - and for the longest time Glisten and Glow was one of those brands for me. I have been fortunate enough to *somehow* make it on to Jill's radar and was sent her and Missi of Different Dimension's collaboration with Nicole of Young Wild & Polished and now this Summer Livin' neon collection. You may want to grab your sunglasses for these pics because they are bright! On with the show...

So as not to repeat myself:
For every swatch I used Glisten and Glow base coat, top coat, and matte top coat. Each swatch also shows two coats of color with - NO WHITE UNDIES!!! - They're just that bright on their own! These dry to a nice, glossy finish and have a super smooth, creamy formula. As you can see from my preview photo, they're also fabulous for just about any type of nail art you can imagine...and you'll be seeing several looks that I've created with these polishes!
Here we goooo...

Watermelon & Waterslides
Neon pink creme; two coats plus topcoat
Shown first glossy, then matte


Slushies & Sun Tans
Neon orange creme; two coats plus topcoat
Shown first glossy, then matte


BBQ & Ball Games
Neon yellow creme; two coats plus topcoat
Shown first glossy, then matte

Road Trips & Roller Coasters
Neon green creme; two coats plus topcoat
Shown first glossy, then matte

Flip Flops & Fireworks
Neon purple creme; two coats plus topcoat
Shown first glossy, then matte

Aren't they all just lovely!? Of course, neons are famous for freaking out the camera so bear that in mind as you look at my swatches! They really are as bright as they come across though - promise! Okay - are you guys ready for some nail art?! I'm going to start off with my favorite look that I created - which also happens to be the first nail art look that I did with these polishes.

I tried a new to me technique for this look. I've seen it called a few different things, but I like the veil marbling technique. To achieve this look, I dropped one or two drops of one color into a small cup of water and let it start to dry. Then, I took my watermarble tool and just kind of squished the dry blob of polish together in the water. That created the brighter lines that you see on my nails. After I was satisfied with the look, I slid my finger into the cup, under the area that I wanted to pick up, and lifted my finger out of the water. I repeated these steps for each color. There are YouTube videos out there that explain this technique much better than I can in words - check out the one that inspired me here. I was also inspired by @nail_muse on Instagram. She has several short videos in her feed showing this technique. This is shown over a base of Glisten and Glow - Mother Moon, a light grey creme polish. Look how the colors pop even after being thinned out in the water and put over grey!

Next, I wanted to try these out for stamping. I also used Mother Moon for my base here, so you can see that they do show up on colors other than white! Shown in glossy and matte because I couldn't decide which one I liked better ;)

The image I stamped comes from plate B015, Geo-Radical by What's Up Nails. You can find it here!

And finally, I used Watermelon & Waterslides and Road Trips & Rollercoasters in a water marble along with Glisten and Glow Clear Watermarble Polish over a base of G&G Valiant Violet.

The image that I stamped here comes from plate B029, Picnic in the Park by What's Up Nails. You can find it here!

All the deets:
Glisten and Glow Summer Livin' Neon Cremes
Official Release: Polish Con in White Plains, NY - Satuday, June 16
Online Release: June 22 at 7PM EDT at
Price: $8.50ea or $40 for the set of 5 polishes

Find Glisten and Glow:
Glorious Glisten & Glow Lovers Facebook Fan Group 

Final Thoughts:
If you're into fun, bright, perfect for summer colors, you need to add these to your collection! There are tons of neons out there, but these are so versatile that I really think they're necessary! I may even be purchasing a backup set for myself I like them so much. The hype is real, people!

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  1. Jill's cremes are so amazing and at $8.50 they're an absolute steal! I NEED this collection in my life!